While the current science, technology, engineering, mathematics movement (STEM) is needed and a great challenge for educators and students alike, we here at the IWP find that including the arts is super idea and one that we find useful for our work with writing.

UCLA Hacks 2014

L.A. Hacks 2014. Can you find NAU’s C.S. Club and the IWP Program Assistant?

We lean on the Rhode Island School of Design’s work with STEAM and are beginning to work on examples of what STEAM principles may look like at Northern Arizona University.

Here are great sites to peruse and to use!


Edutopia STEAM Resources

Here’s a brief story from a British perspective:
BBC “Embracing Engineering’s Creative Side”

When we present STEAM principles to our students, undergraduates and graduates, they are quick to make connections with their programs of study.


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