Director and Program Assistant


Undergraduate Videogame Symposium Guests

Parent of student presenter (Sunny); Husband of keynote speaker (Gee); Director Barron at the inaugural Undergraduate Videogame Symposium 2014. Flagstaff, Arizona.

Thank you for visiting our IWP Blog on all things interdisciplinary writing, research, design, presentation, transferrable skills, and recipes. My name is Nancy G. Barrón and I’m the current director for this very fine program that hosts a grand variety of approaches for faculty to teach and for students to practice all things writing across the university. I also am continually developing an internship program specifically for undergraduate and graduate students here at Northern Arizona University (NAU). The student-interns’ diverse backgrounds and various stages of education have lovingly been described as the IWP’s island of misfit toys. I only hear compliments in this description, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Together the IWP interns and I figure that we can influence our culture of writing at NAU while adapting our work to current national trends, economic realities, and assisting in preparing new graduates to get out there and communicate a better future while applying their studies towards practical and innovative tasks that pays the bills and encourages change.  I dislike long sentences.

I look forward to continue designing resources for faculty and for students, assisting with NAU’s Liberal Studies, designing sites for students to practice applying their studies outside of the classroom, redesigning and reworking the University Writing Center, as well as collaborating with all the good people at NAU: Faculty Development; University College; Cline Library; and all of the departments ready for an adventure with student writing approaches, and of course, the great fun that comes with helping students communicate their new data findings, conclusions, and ideas into coherent English for readers like you and like me.

The recipes that will appear on this blog will not be recipes for writing but for food and non-alcoholic drinks that we like when we’re working on documents. You gotta eat.

In addition to my work with the IWP, I’m also a member of the Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studies (RWDMS) emphasis with the Department of English. We’re in the process of changing our identity and our course approaches at the undergraduate and graduate levels. There will be more about these grand changes soon.

Program Assistant

I’m Chris Harnois, the IWP Program Assistant, and I like adventure.  The IWP is a giant adventurous endeavor in defining what

Chrs, in the upper left, with friends at the horror exhibit in the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, WA.

Chris, in the upper left, with friends at the horror exhibit in the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, WA.

motivates students to write in and out of the classroom.  I also like thinking about systems.  The IWP looks to influence the systems that affect students’ learning and classroom experiences.  Therefore, working for the IWP is unbelievably AWESOME.

I help supplement and facilitate the spectacular work that our Director, Nancy, and our interns create.  I manage our website, the finances, and assist with anything program-related that requires help.  I love the flexibility that my position demands – together, Nancy and I are the core of the IWP and it keeps us on our toes.  Everyday I look forward to the new challenges that my job provides and can’t wait to see where the program is headed next.

On the personal side of things, I love traveling, eating, reading, and experiencing.  If variety is the spice of life, then I aim for a life that registers in the upper limits of the Scoville scale.

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