Term 4: Looking Ahead

We’ve hit the ground running this semester.  The Undergraduate Videogame Symposium and STEAM afFaire is right around the corner, with our final proposal workshop happening tomorrow. Our guest speakers are excited to attend, Wil Coats of Zynga and Erik Kain of Forbes online.

Tuesday T’s will continue from the end of February until the end of March.  Get help on those tricky papers and term projects.

The iRiver Trip is in the works, coming in 2016.

The IWP will be attending The Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Conference, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, and the Student Success in Writing Conference.

The Interns are hard at work on their projects, refining and expanding their ideas from last semester and generating awesome new ones.

Our director is still working with the Liberal Studies Committee and various departments and faculty members to increase writing awareness across the university.

With our big event just around the corner and laying out all of the travel plans, the office has been quite busy and will stay that way for awhile.  We look forward to it, though!

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