Feedback for you and for me

Providing student feedback on their work is one way for faculty to assess their course curriculum. What do faculty focus on? What do faculty articulate in their course descriptions, assignments, exams, and in person?

What students see and hear from the professor about writing influences their understanding of the kind of writing that is necessary and expected. Why spend hours on a paper if the professor never said or implies that writing is secondary after the disciplinary content? Why spend a lot of time if the submitted writing got a decent grade?

Writing is a skill that most faculty implicitly expect their students to do well because that’s exactly what students are supposed to do. But, students in general are balancing multiple deadlines from multiple disciplines, as well as attempting to have some fun.

The formula seems to require explicit expectations of student writing with attached affirmation and consequences from the professor. A well written document should deserve more than 5-10% of the overall course grade. The first poorly written document should be marked as so and perhaps provide the student a chance to rework their document.

NAU students are astute, practical, logical, and although they may complain about a paper, when they know that the professor has high expectations they often put in more time. It doesn’t hurt if the course grade will be affected by poorly written assignments.

Faculty: Watch for grading-resources in our IWP website.
Students: Writing at NAU is a wonderful time to practice an interdisciplinary skill that you’ll need later, after you leave us.
Practice now. Promote your work later.

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