UVGS: Final Thoughts

By Marisa Incremona, IWP Intern, Sophomore Extraordinaire

The first-ever IWP Undergraduate Video Game Symposium (UVGS) is complete!

Ask anyone, and I’m sure they’d tell you what a great day it was. The day ended with guest speaker, Erik Kain. Kain discussed a bit of his background and how he ended up at Forbes, which was mainly due to chance. One point that he stressed was the business side of writing. Writing proficiency is not enough to land a job, Kain argues, but rather who you know and how you brand yourself. Networking is absolutely vital to one’s success. In Kain’s case, he was able to network through running a blog, which led to him to working for a company that was eventually bought by Forbes. Kain’s presentation was very well received, and the audience asked numerous questions. Part of the discussion focused on Kain’s opinions about where the video game industry was headed. Kain believes that even though there seems to be a focus on first-person shooter games, there is still a market for more abstract games like Flower and Journey. He also believes that PC games are making a comeback, and that games on hand-held devices miss some of the complexities found on PCs or Macs.

And that concluded the symposium. The day was filled with enlightening and thought-provoking presentations from students and the guest speakers and faculty.

On behalf of the Interdisciplinary Writing Program, I would like to thank everyone who helped make this event possible: Dr. Nancy Barron, Christopher Harnois, Dr. Sibylle Gruber, Dr. Nicole Pfannenstiel, Dr. Karen Renner, Edward “Teddy” Gardner, Dr. Laura Gray-Rosendale, Wuke Zhou, Amanda Gilbert, Dr. Betty Gee, Erik Kain, Dean Michael Vincent, Associate Dean Dr. Jean Boreen, Provost Dr. Laura Huenneke, and to all of the student volunteers and student presenters. This event would not have been possible without your support.

IMG_0213    IMG_0214

Sunny McKay, James Gee, with Nancy Barron; Nicole Pfannenstiel, Christopher Harnois, with Betty Gee

Thank you!

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