Starting the Videogame Symposium!


By Laura Rosche, Max Badesheim, and Morgan Wentz, IWP interns and Symposium Enthusiasts

Photo on 3-29-14 at 9.44 AM

Excited to be at the 1st [of many] Undergraduate Videogame Research Symposium! Dr. Nicole Pfannenstiel just gave an incredible presentation on casual games and literacy, pointing out the importance of paying close attention to how gaming can influence student’s approaches to learning in educational environments. She specifically focused on some of her favorite videogames: Farmville and Candy Crush. If you are interested to learn more about how these games can help us think about learning, Dr. Pfannenstiel will be happy to chat with you.

Looking forward to learning more. Stay tuned for thoughts and reflections on this awesome event where interdisciplinary rules and video games are a legitimate discussion point in the hallowed halls of academia! 🙂

And check out the program so aptly called Portals across Disciplines with lots of great panels, gaming opportunities, and guest speakers. See you in the halls!


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